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The Lionheart Heroes Logo

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The Lionheart Heroes is a guild within the Elder Scrolls Online. It is Tamriel's best roleplaying, virtual combat & all round entertaining guild! There guildmaster Rene Skooma is here to find the very best heroes of Tamriel. Rene Skooma founded the guild on June 13th 2017 after closing her previous guild "The National Bards College". The Lionheart Heroes Guild can also be referred to as the TLH for short.

What Our Elder Scrolls Online Guild Offers

The Lionheart Heroes Guild offers many citizens of Tamriel to become a Lionhearted Hero. Find new friends within our ranks, compete in our Lionheart Dueling Division, have a laugh with other players/roleplayers and more!

Ranks In The Lionheart Heroes Guild

The following is the ranks within the Lionheart Heroes Guild. From top rank to bottom,

  • TLH Guildmaster - (Rene Skooma)
  • TLH Deputy-Master - (Second In Command)
  • TLH Hall Of Fame
  • TLH Lionheart Champion - (Given only to the current Lionheart Champion.)
  • Lionhearted Hero
  • Warrior
  • Recruit


(More Coming Soon!)
Rene Skooma & Lily Aurelle - The Lionheart Heroes

The Lionhearted Heroes Guildmaster, Rene Skooma & Guild Member, Lily Aurelle In Vvardenfell.

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